Monday, June 11, 2012

End of the First Day!

I'd Rather Eat Shit
3 stalks of celery
2 collard green leaves
3 carrots
7 radishes
1 apple 

This is the most absolutely horrible, disgusting mixture ever. I had to force myself to even drink half of it. I don't know what exactly made me nauseous: either the taste of that juice, or that my body isn't used to all this raw fruit and vegetable.

Update later on in the night: I am very tired. This is unusual for me, as I usually go to sleep no earlier than 11:45 PM. I feel nauseous and basically, like shit. This is normal because apparently, my body is pushing out all of the toxins and bad stuff from my body. It's 9:48 PM and I'm thinking about going to sleep, like now!


  1. It taste like grass...but it's healthy LOL. Yay for day 1 down. Ugh I can't imagine eating something that taste like grass especially since I think I'm allergic to it. Well freshly cut grass.
    So no to the recipe from now on. Did you come up with any other vegetable juice drinks that taste better?

    1. Girl, not only did it taste like grass, it SMELLED like grass! I haven't tried any more veggie mixes, but I'm almost afraid to! That last one killed my appetite for almost a full 24 hours!

  2. Ugh I can't even imagine trying to even put something to my mouth in attempt to eat or drink if it smelled like grass. At least you gave it a shot and drank half. I think I would have probably thrown up. But hey you have to learn as you go on what goes together to make a perfect combination.