Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 5-8 Summary

This weekend was ridiculously busy for me. I had so much to do, I had no time for blogging. Anyway, there really isn't a whole lot to say about Day 5-8, really. I've been feeling good, I have energy and I feel like I have on any normal day of my life. So far, I've lost 7 lbs since the beginning.

I will tell you this though. I've really wanting some cooked foods right about now. Remember: for the past week, I've only had raw fruits & veggies, drinking only juiced veggies/fruit, water, and I can have tea if it doesn't have caffeine. Honestly, I think I just want something WARM. That would be nice. Oh well. I really only have 7 days left.

I do feel like when I'm off my Reboot, I will have made permanent changes to my diet. I'm probably going to have my majority food be raw fruits or veggies, and have everything else sparingly. I WANT it that way. It's amazing how delicious and satisfying these things are, and we're never told this. Our American taste buds are not trained on raw fruits and vegetables. But doing this Reboot, my body is changing and I want these things.  I can imagine my normal day after the Reboot to be something like this: fruits/veggies (raw) all through the day and maybe 1 small cooked meal a day. Something like a small piece of fish and some rice. I want 80-90% of my intake to be raw fruits/veggies, and doing what I'm doing, that is not only possible, it's probable.

This Reboot has seriously change my outlook on food. I'm so glad I'm doing it.

Today, I had watermelon, a banana, coconut water, carrots and avocados.

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