Thursday, June 28, 2012


I feel like such a jerk. I've been getting depressed about my birthday because it's coming up. I feel like I'm getting older and basically hating it. I want to avoid my birthday altogether. I saw this picture on Pinterest just now.

How dare I take advantage of growing a year older. Young people, my age and younger, die from wars, fights, disease, etc, and here I am, being depressed I'm turning 25. I should be ashamed of myself. 

There are multiple things that will really put you in check: the Make A Wish Foundation website has stories of wishes of terminally ill young people. Here is one that is particularly heart-breaking: The First Wish. This boy died at age 7. 

I refuse to complain about my age anymore. I'm embarrassed that I ever was in the first place. Sometimes, a little perspective is what is necessary.

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