Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 4 Summary - Juicing

Day 4 was much like Day 3, feeling-wise, only with less juicing. I only made 1 juice in the morning.

2 pears
1 small handful blackberries

Word of advice: blackberries are incredibly difficult to juice because the seeds get stuck in the juicer (until you wash them out), but it was difficut, nonetheless. I suggest you just eat them instead.

Cleaning my juicer is getting faster and easier for me, seeing as I clean it after every use. I ate squash, tomato, and mushrooms throughout the day. At night for dinner, I went to On The Border with my mom and order the Guacamole Live (no chips, please). I didn't juice for dinner at all.

I felt good all day. No headaches, no pains, no anything-bad! So it was good.

Goooodddddd, I love mushrooms. FRESH mushrooms. I was talking to my mom about what my "first meal" would be after my juicing ends. And you know. . . I honestly don't feel deprived in any way right now. I'm not *dying* for this to end and I feel great. What I'm mainly thinking about is when I do have my first meal, will it make me feel sick. LOL! Because it most likely will. But I decided on sushi.

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  1. Yay for day 4 not being bad. I like the name Pear-adise, so clever! So what else would you reccommend to go with pear...did you try anything else with it?