Friday, February 10, 2012

Mexico's Danger & US Immigration Laws

Let's talk about this. The gist of the article is this: a girl was brought into the US illegally when she was 7 years old. When she turned 18, she got married and had a son. This somehow did not make her eligible to become a US citizen, so through her attempts to become a legal resident, she had to move back to Mexico to file an appeal. Her husband (a US citizen who does not speak Spanish) moved down there with her to keep his family together and support her. The very dangerous city they were basically pushed into has numerous, numerous deaths happening all the time. Her husband was shot 80 times and is now dead.

Why is the danger of modern-day Mexico not considered when looking at cases like these. US immigration laws are not the same thing for everyone, and a case-by-case basis should be the way this is all handled. First of all, her husband was a born-US-citizen. Why was this not simple for her to become a resident at least, though him? Also, why did she had to file an appeal in the most dangerous city and not in her ACTUAL home, the US? She came when she was 7 years old and had NO CHOICE in the decision. Children should be grandfathered in as residents because they did not choose to come to a country illegally. 

A US CITIZEN died due to the horrible immigration laws and through the "punishment" the US was attempting to give the woman because she had lived here illegally (through no fault of her own). Thoughts?


  1. Illegal Mexican spouses didnt always have to go back to Mexico while the paperwork was being handled. This was a semi recent change. I dont know about immigrants from other countries, but being the child of a mother who came to this country the legal way, and having family in every example, if thats how the process works then thats what they need to do. The husband could have stayed here with the child, it was his choice to take his whole family to such a dangerous place.

  2. Isabel - What is your opinion on a child being brought into the US by her parents illegally: do you think should there be leeway on her because she grew up here by no choice of her own? Or do you think once she's 18, she should go through the legal route of becoming a citizen like other immigrants?