Monday, April 23, 2012

Evolution vs. Creationism

Tennessee enacted a law giving teachers the freedom to question evolution and teach creationism. To be honest with you, I don't remember being taught either in school. And if we actually did get taught anything, it was evolution and it was barely skimmed over.

Honestly, neither side can prove they're right 100%. Can we not just teach evolution as a theory? We teach all the other scientific theories, so why is evolution so controversial? There are controversial things in school all the time! I mean, whatever happened to separating church and state? Teaching creationism should be up to the parent, because religious and spiritual duties should be the parents' job, NOT the schools'.

Yes, I think evolution should be taught, but as it is: a theory. Evolution is a theory, there is no argument among anyone on that. So what is the problem introducing the theory? Not every religion thinks of creationism the same way, so how would a school teach it?

It sees like such a simple solution to me. . . Thoughts?

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