Saturday, March 2, 2013

I Finally Watched Argo

It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. I mean, honestly, the movie is not about the revolution. It is only about the way they created a fake movie to smuggle the Americans out.

What I did notice was that they did acknowledge the U.S. stupid move of the coup in 1953 that put in power the shah everyone hated and that it was, in fact, a stupid move. It was mentioned more than once, but in passing each time. But, again, this movie wasn't about the revolution. The reason it's important to me, though, that the whole story is told is because every time Iran or Iranians are portrayed, it's negative. And - oh look, yet another movie coming out making Iran a demon.

Also, how Seth-MacFarlane of Ben Affleck to star in his own movie.

Ya know, overall, I liked the movie; it was entertaining. I will say this, it was incredibly overrated. Best Picture? That doesn't make sense to me. It was good, but definitely, definitely not Best Picture. I don't see the reason it got such prestigious awards. Did I miss something about it?

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  1. Hey, Persia. I'm sure you don't remember me, but I have you in a circle on my Google + page. I NEVER go into that anymore, so I was just roaming it to see if there was anyone I wanted to look up to see if they had a Facebook account (as I spend my time on that now). Anyway, I thought Argo was pretty good. But I just had to make a comment regarding what you said about the CIA's Iranian coup in 1953. SO few Americans know about this. We overthrew a democratically elected president simply because he wanted to save Iran's oil for Iran. We then installed the Shah, of course, who wound up being a typically brutal dictator. If you told Americans WE were responsible for the Ayatollah's rise to power, they would blatantly say you you crazy, having no idea of the facts. And the Ayatollah's warping of Islam into a prehistoric and brutal religion has tragically spread throughout the Middle East. Americans are SO ignorant regarding history (including their own) and the rest of the world (they're increasingly ignorant regarding just about everything), it's amazing that we still hold ourselves in such high esteem, like America is still the beacon of the world. We're so backwards in so many ways (such as education and health care, not to mention the corporate takeover of our government), and yet our populace is utterly apathetic about it all. Anyhow, any Americans who discuss Islam as a religion that breeds terrorism and suicide bombers should obviously recognize that we played a huge role in transforming Islam into what it is today. Alas, that's a long way from ever happening.