Saturday, March 17, 2012

No Ruz Resolutions

So as you all know, No Ruz is coming up in a couple of days! No Ruz = Iranian New Year. It is the first day of Spring every year. So, being as I'm Iranian and American, I can mix and match my cultures. So this year, I will be making No Ruz resolutions! I actually did not make New Years Resolutions in January, so I'm glad to do it now.

  • Less (much, much less) cussing. I cuss entirely way too much, to the point where I'm cussing around my parents. NOT a good look. . . AT ALL! That's not cute, glamorous, graceful, or ladylike - which are things I admire. I mean, there are times and places for cussing. All the time is not one of them. LOL! But really, did Audrey Hepburn cuss like a sailor? Perhaps, but not constantly. Even in Breakfast at Tiffany's,  her rough, raw way of talking wasn't cussing, it was just inappropriate. Haha! Anyway. . . 
  • Learn more and more and more about Kurdish culture and history. Let's face is, Kurdish blood runs through my veins. I need to know MUCH more than Wikipedia and Google search results have to offer. I know there is a Kurdish community in Dallas somewhere, so I'm gonna try to hook up with them, get some cultural knowledge. 
  • Try to get my name change official. I'm ready to get this over and done with, period! I wish it was easier/cheaper, but it's not, so. . . 
Alright, so that's all for now! SALE NO MOBARAK, everyone! ("Happy New Year" in Farsi) ;-)

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